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Battery capacity: 18650, 4000mAh lithium battery
Battery voltage: 3.7V
Charging voltage/current: DC 5V/2A
Product material: Nano atomization chip, LED lamp, electronic component, ABS, PC
Working current: luminous about 900mA/spraying about 800mA
Working power: light about 4.5W / spray about 4W
Use time: Normally fully charged about 4.5H, fully charged, using the bulb alone for about 3.2H, spraying for a long time alone for about 4H, and spraying separately for 8H, the product can be charged during use
Motor type: brush speed motor
Water tank capacity: 1000ml
Water spray volume: about 50ml/1H

1. Silent equipment: The humidifier uses a silent DC water spray panel to reduce the noise to 30dB, so the dual spray projection humidifier can operate quietly and achieve quiet humidification. It will not disturb your sleep, work or study time. It can create a warm and calm sleeping environment.
2. Large-capacity water tank: 1000ml humidifier, built-in 4000mAh battery, can be charged with the supplied USB cable. After being fully charged, the humidifier can run for 5-10 hours. No need to inject water frequently, long-lasting hydration, nano atomization technology, atomize water into micron-level water molecules, suitable for sleep all night, especially suitable for air-conditioning and heating rooms
3. Intelligent safety protection: Waterproof probe and anti-dry-burning sensor can provide double protection. It detects that there is no water, it will automatically cut off the power to prevent dry-burning, and can realize overheating protection and overcurrent protection, which can cause excessive surge due to Excessive load causes the temperature of the terminal to rise. With waterproof probes, pay attention to overheating and shutting down functions; general structural components are easy to assemble, with high assembly efficiency, structural stability and safety in use, and reducing the maintenance cost of electric heaters.
4. 360-degree rotating projection lamp: The rotating design makes this starry night light projector more interesting. The 360-degree rotating scene makes you feel like you are in the starry sky. All images are clearly projected on the ceiling of the bedroom. Whether you want to rotate dynamically or statically, the multi-color star night light projector can be used as a sleep aid or room decoration, very suitable for children's bedrooms.
5. Two fog modes: The projection humidifier has two modes. Two high atomization nozzles and two atomization nozzles can meet your needs according to your environment. For one nozzle, the spray volume is 30-40 ml/hour. When both nozzles are working, the spray volume can reach 60-80ml/h.
6. Night light with multiple lighting modes: The humidifier can be used as a night light, and there are 6 lighting modes in total. You can use the buttons to make adjustments or change the color. In addition, it can be used as a night light, this kind of light can make children not afraid to sleep in the dark, which is a good gift for children.

1. Spray mode: click the spray button to spray for the first time, click the spray button to spray in the second time interval, and then click the spray button to spray for the third time.
2. Lighting mode: Click the lighting button, the first blue light is on, the second yellow light is on, and the third red light is on. The fourth one goes from a single-color gradient to a two-color gradient, and then to a three-color gradient, and the fifth one traverses the two-color gradient one by one.
3. The blue and green marquee rotation mode of the display screen: in the first 1.5 seconds, long press the rotation key to turn on the rotation, please pay attention (this function must be rotated when working lightly). Press and hold again for 1.5 seconds to disable the rotation function.
4. Display charging protection mode: select DC 5V=2A adapter to charge the machine, the white light on the screen will flash when charging, and the white light on the screen will light up when the machine is working

Package Contents:
Humidifier x 1
USB data cable x 1
Manual x 1
Transparency film x 2
Absorbent cotton swab x 2

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.75kgs / 1.65lb
Qty per Carton 18
Carton Weight 14.00kgs / 30.86lb
Carton Size 48cm * 39cm * 39cm / 18.9inch * 15.35inch * 15.35inch
Loading Container 20GP: 365 cartons * 18 pcs = 6570 pcs
40HQ: 847 cartons * 18 pcs = 15246 pcs


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