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1. Umbrella size: 15 x 9 feet
2. Magnetic pole size: 1.9 inches (diameter) x 97 inches (height)
3. Magnetic pole material: steel
4. Adjustable height: No
5. The 15-foot-wide umbrella adopts a double-sided design, which can provide you with the largest shelter space and double shade for your outdoor entertainment. In addition, this parasol has large shadows and is suitable for gardens, backyards, poolsides and beaches.
6. The canopy is made of fabric, which has fade resistance, weather resistance and sufficient durability, suitable for outdoor use. In addition, the canopy with high-quality materials is suitable for UV protection and is also very waterproof.
7. The frame of the patio double-sided umbrella is made of thick steel and coated with powder coating, which has anti-rust effect and is suitable for outdoor use. In addition, 12 steel ribs provide good support for the large double-sided awning.
8. The double-sided umbrella has a crank, which can control the opening and closing of the umbrella. You can easily open and close the umbrella by rotating the joystick. It is even easy to use for children and the elderly.
9. It has 3 vents and a parasol at the top that is pulled upwards when the wind stops. When you sit under the canopy, you can stay cool while adding extra stability.

Package Weight
One Package Weight 13.60kgs / 29.98lb
Qty per Carton 1
Carton Weight 14.50kgs / 31.97lb
Carton Size 148cm * 43cm * 17cm / 58.27inch * 16.93inch * 6.69inch
Loading Container 20GP: 246 cartons * 1 pcs = 246 pcs
40HQ: 572 cartons * 1 pcs = 572 pcs

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