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1. Save space: Store the stool under the table to maximize the use of available space. For small apartments, breakfast nooks, kitchens, dining rooms, games rooms, dining rooms, coffee shops or other limited spaces, good value for money.
2. Ergonomic design: all four corners are arc design, which is more beautiful and safer. The leg support is cylindrical. The curved seating surface is more comfortable than ordinary flat seats; counter-height tables and chairs provide plenty of space for relaxation.
3. Rugged and durable: made of MDF PVC material, the sturdy steel pipe structure provides strong support for your tableware, durable and easy to maintain
4. Multifunctional use: This chair and table set has an elegant and simple design, which will definitely highlight your home decoration. This set of tableware is suitable for your swimming pool, balcony, living room, garden, terrace, etc. 5. Easy to assemble: The furniture combination has intuitive illustrations and instructions. Each screw and pin has its own code, easy to understand the assembly progress, which will definitely reduce your assembly time and save trouble
1. Material: MDF metal
2. Color: Oak grain white paint
3. Table size: (78.74 x 52.70 x 74.93) cm (length x width x height)
4. Chair: (52.07 x 38.10 x 51.44) cm (length x width x height)
4. The weight of the chair: 330lb / 149.69kg
5. The weight of the table: 110lb / 49.90kg
The package includes:
Table x1
Chair x2
Hardware x1
Assembly instructions x1

Package Weight
One Package Weight 16.20kgs / 35.71lb
Qty per Carton 1
Carton Weight 17.00kgs / 37.48lb
Carton Size 99cm * 61cm * 17cm / 38.98inch * 24.02inch * 6.69inch
Loading Container 20GP: 259 cartons * 1 pcs = 259 pcs
40HQ: 602 cartons * 1 pcs = 602 pcs

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