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1. Plug: USB universal/EU plug integrated line
2. Charging time: about 5 hours
3. Voltage: USB DC 5V/EU plug 220V
4. Power: 3W
5. Battery capacity: 400mAh
6. Material: ABS shell, stainless steel blade
7. Packing list: main unit x1, shaving head x1, eyebrow trimming head x1, sideburn head x1, USB charging cable/EU plug integrated cable, base x1, manual x1, cleaning brush x1
8. Machine weight: about 52g
9. Machine size: about 13.2x2x2cm, the line length is about 1 meter

1. The three-dimensional curved blade design fits the skin of the nasal cavity comfortably, and captures the nose hair in 360 degrees without hurting the nasal cavity.
2. Intelligent anti-pinch beard system, which effectively senses the battery status, and maintains stable power even when the battery is low
3. Equipped with a 4-in-1 base for more convenient storage
4. Detachable washing head for easy cleaning
5. Anti-allergic stainless steel blade, safe and convenient to use

Certificate CE
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.20kgs / 0.45lb
Qty per Carton 146
Carton Weight 30.00kgs / 66.14lb
Carton Size 90cm * 71cm * 22cm / 35.43inch * 27.95inch * 8.66inch
Loading Container 20GP: 189 cartons * 146 pcs = 27594 pcs
40HQ: 440 cartons * 146 pcs = 64240 pcs

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