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1. Material: plastic + metal + electronic components
2. Flight time: about 10 minutes
3. Charging time: 40 minutes
4. Speed ​​adjustment: slow/medium/fast
5. Image transmission distance: about 50-80 meters
6. Traveling speed: 10Km/h
7. Remote control distance: about 100 meters
8. Ascent speed: 3Km/h
9. Body battery: 3.7V650mAH modular battery
10. Remote control battery: 3 x AAA (not included)
11. Folding size of the fuselage: 9x9x4 cm
12. The unfolded size of the fuselage: 25x21x4 cm
13. Handbag size: 18x14x5.5 cm
14. Single battery weight: 19 grams
15. Product package weight: about 280 grams

1. Standard configuration without camera function: fixed height function, foldable aircraft, six pass with gyroscope; one-key take-off, one-key landing, ascent and descend, forward and backward, left and right side fly, steering, headless mode
2. Aerial photography function: fixed height function, foldable aircraft, six pass with gyroscope; one-button take-off, one-button landing, ascent and descend, forward and backward, left and right side flying, steering, headless mode (with camera can add functions: gestures Camera, video, headless mode, emergency stop, trajectory flight, gravity sensor, music, 50x zoom, automatic camera)
3. 4K HD 120 degree wide-angle camera adjustable steering unit, perfect adjustment
4. Capture stunning images and videos in the sky
5. 10 minutes flight time allows you to have unlimited fun-GPS assisted flight
6. Provide accurate drone positioning details
7. The integrated return air (RTH) function makes flying safer
8. When the battery is low or the signal is low, it will automatically return, so you don’t have to worry about losing the drone
9. Use the fixed altitude mode function to provide stable flight
10. With gesture photos and recording, you can make your photography more convenient and beautiful
11. Flight tracking, you can draw the required flight path on your mobile phone, and the quadcopter will fly according to the route you draw
12. Using the wifi function, you can connect to the app and take pictures, record and transfer images in real time through the phone's camera
13. Headless mode, no need to adjust the aircraft position before flying
14. Easily find the way home with one click
15. Use 5GHz technology to avoid interference
16. 4 channels, can raise, lower, forward, backward, left hand, right hand and 360 degree rotation
17. The fuselage of the four-axis aircraft is made of high-strength wear-resistant engineering plastics, which is light and durable

Packing list:
– Aircraft x 1
– Remote control transmitter x 1
– Body battery x 1/2/3 (optional)
– Spare blade x 4
– Protective cover x 4
– USB cable x 1
– Screwdriver x 1
– Manual x 1
– Storage bag x 1

Certificate CE
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.28kgs / 0.63lb
Qty per Carton 106
Carton Weight 30.00kgs / 66.14lb
Carton Size 85cm * 26cm * 66cm / 33.46inch * 10.24inch * 25.98inch
Loading Container 20GP: 182 cartons * 106 pcs = 19292 pcs
40HQ: 424 cartons * 106 pcs = 44944 pcs

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