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1. This spherical softbox can pop open and be ready to use in mere seconds, allowing you to set up lights, faster. Foldable lantern style, easy to open and close.
2. The softbox has Bowens mount, with the ability to fit onto any Bowens mount LED heads, speedlights, strobe flash light, monolights fixtures
3. With the Lantern will you will be able to produce soft even light wherever your shoots may take you.
4. The Lantern spreads the light from your LED or Studio Stobe in all directions with a 360 degrees beam angle. Now you can fill an entire space with soft, even light with just a single light source.
5. Widely used in portrait photography, commercial and advertising photography, children photography, video shooting, micro film shooting, etc.

1. Material: Stainless steel + soft light cloth + reflective cloth
2. Bayonet: Bao Wing lamp base
3. Diameter: 65cm
4. Depth: 57.5cm
5. Weight: 1.1kg

Studio Video Light
1. When video shooting, you can adjust the light effect gradual effect from percent 10 to percent 100 or from high to low
2. High color rendering index: Larger viewfinder and smaller aperture
3. Built-in cooling system: Built-in cooling fan, efficient heat dissipation with temperature control protection to extend the lamp bead use time
4. Wireless connection: 2.4GHz wireless control system can be remotely controlled by remote control
5. Bowen bayonet: Safety cover, octagonal box, square box, soft box, oblique mask
6. Easy to use and easy to use, adapter connection, safe and stable light source
7. Application: Video shooting, photo shooting, live broadcast, children is photography studio, costume portrait, wedding photo, micro-film e-commerce products, conference exhibition, webcast.

1. Power supply: AC 100-220V
2. Power: 150W
3. Color temperature: 5600K
4. LED beads: 1pcs
5. Dimming range: 10 percent to 100 percent
6. Color rendering index: More than or equal to 97
7. Adjustment Modes: Knob adjustment / 2.4GHz remote control adjustment
8. Lumen: 16000luk
9. Illumination angle: 120 degrees
10. Average lifespan: 50000 hours
11. Size:27x12x25cm

Light Holder
1. Aluminum alloy tube, spray paint treatment, upper and lower locking joints and middle seat, the base is reinforced nylon injection molding, wear resistance and brittleness, good strength.
2. Compact the tripod legs can be folded, making it small enough to carry just about anywhere.
3. The lamp holder is equipped with a spring, which can reduce the impact of the lamp holder when folded, and prevent the lamp holder from falling quickly and damaging the flashlight or other lamps. The top design of the lamp holder is universally used for all brands of film and television flashes on the market.
4. Suitable for all kinds of red headlights, spotlights, LED lights, tri-color lights, soft boxes, background frames and other types of photography lights.
5. All expand height: 280cm, fold height: 110cm.
6. Load: 4KG
7. Weight: 1500g.

Package List
1. 150W Video Light x 1
2. Power Cable x 1
3. Remote Control x 1
4. User Manual x 1
5. Light Holder x 1
6. Softbox x 1

Certificate CE
Package Weight
One Package Weight 6.65kgs / 14.66lb
Qty per Carton 2
Carton Weight 14.50kgs / 31.97lb
Carton Size 92cm * 47cm * 67cm / 36.22inch * 18.5inch * 26.38inch
Loading Container 20GP: 92 cartons * 2 pcs = 184 pcs
40HQ: 213 cartons * 2 pcs = 426 pcs

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