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1. Material: 210D Oxford cloth
2. Application: garden, balcony, camping, etc.
3. Features: dustproof and waterproof, durable, environmentally friendly materials
4. Dimensions: 102x45cm, 77x70cm, 55x50cm, 38x40cm, 120x75cm, 75x30cm, 122x45cm, 77x58cm, 120x20cm, 84x50cm, 86x36cm, 92x30cm, 112x21cm, 76x30cm, 130x71cm, 128x71cm, 74x50cm, 84x35cm, 71×204, 142cm 148x60cm, 58x77cm
5. Weight: 102x45cm: 152g, 77x70cm: 183g, 55x50cm: 80g, 38x40cm: 50g, 120x75cm: 258g, 75x30cm: 89g, 122x45cm: 152g, 77x58cm: 120g, 120x20cm: 130g, 84x50cm: 140g, 86x36cm: 110g, 92x30cm 116g, 112x21cm: 117g, 76x30cm: 90g, 130x71cm: 280g, 128x71cm: 270g, 74x50cm: 110g, 84x35cm: 100g, 41x70cm: 70g, 71x53cm: 110g, 95x75cm: 150g, 142x68cm: 300g, 204x60cm: 460g, 148x60cm: 290g 58x77cm: 110g
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.35kgs / 0.78lb
Qty per Carton 84
Carton Weight 30.00kgs / 66.14lb
Carton Size 87cm * 87cm * 8cm / 34.25inch * 34.25inch * 3.15inch
Loading Container 20GP: 440 cartons * 84 pcs = 36960 pcs
40HQ: 1022 cartons * 84 pcs = 85848 pcs

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