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1. Main material: ABS
2. Power supply: DC 5V 1A
3. Capacity: 2.6 (about 1.2kg)
4. Communication method: Wi-Fi (24GHz)
5. Working overtime, frequent business trips, party trips, with the Paini smart feeder, it is easy to solve the feeding problem, solve the uneasy emotions brought by pets due to foreign fostering and unfamiliar environment, so that you can feel at ease when you are away.
6. Urban captivity can easily lead to overeating and obesity. The Paini feeder is connected to the Mijia APP, which can control the time and amount of grain, and set up a scientific feeding plan for TA.
7. Away from home, it can also be controlled remotely. You can add extra meals to the TA with your fingers, enjoy the fun of feeding, and meet the needs of food anytime, anywhere.
8. The built-in sensor always detects the surplus food, the indicator light of the body is red when the food is lacking, and the APP pushes the message in time, which double guarantees the normal feeding and continuous food.
9. Unique grain delivery structure, the grain outlet has anti-stuffed grain design and stuck grain detection; the card grain APP prompts in time, and guards every meal of TA 24/7.
10. The 2.6L volume of grain is about 1.2kg, which can meet the food intake of a single adult cat and small dog for 10-15 days, and can easily meet the daily or short-distance feeding needs.
11. The external power supply and the battery (not included in the shipment) are dual-powered. After the external power supply is cut off, the backup battery power supply will be activated to ensure that the power is cut off and the meals will arrive on schedule, giving you more peace of mind.
12. The grain storage bucket can be separated with one turn and one twist, and the food bowl slot is fixed and it is not easy to fall off, so there is no need to worry about the misalignment of the food bowl. The grain storage barrel and the food bowl are made of food contact grade materials, which are durable and easy to clean, making it healthier for TA to eat.
13. The top cover is 360-degree high-quality silicone sealing ring, which effectively blocks the air and slows down the oxidation of food. There is a built-in desiccant box in the top cover, which is put in the desiccant to dehumidify and moisture-proof, and double-lock fresh, so that TA can always enjoy the deliciousness on the tongue.
14. With a 130-degree wide-angle, high-definition camera, you can clearly see the little rice bowl and have a panoramic view of how much he ate; keep abreast of the food situation and adjust the feeding plan.
15. Watch as you want, talk to your pet video at any time, and you are not alone at home; no matter where you are, you can understand your lovesickness.
16. Taking photos and videos, my baby is so cute, I want to record and share every moment of TA, even if he is away from home, he is in front of him.
17. Product size: 191x191x315mm
18. Product net weight: 1.55kg

Package Weight
One Package Weight 1.57kgs / 3.46lb
Qty per Carton 8
Carton Weight 13.50kgs / 29.76lb
Carton Size 42cm * 42cm * 66cm / 16.54inch * 16.54inch * 25.98inch
Loading Container 20GP: 229 cartons * 8 pcs = 1832 pcs
40HQ: 531 cartons * 8 pcs = 4248 pcs

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