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1. Ergonomics, not tired after holding it for a long time
2. Put it back into the charging base to charge, and the battery life is long lasting
3. The base receives information wirelessly, stable and fast
4. Using the principle of photoelectric coupling, the barcode printing pattern is imaged and then decoded; it can easily scan common one-dimensional barcodes and screen barcodes
5. Scan mode: hand-held button trigger scan
6. Scanning rate: 200 times/sec
7. Interface type: USB interface
8. Working voltage: DC 3.3-4.2V
9. Surrounding lighting: 200lx
10. Rated power: 0.532w
11. Scanning current: 140mA
12. Standby current: 10mA
13. Prompt mode: buzzer, LED indicator
14. Battery capacity: 1000mah
15. Transmission mode: wireless 2.4G transmission
16. Charging time: 3-4 hours
17. Function: screen barcode, express barcode, incomplete barcode, one-dimensional barcode, with storage
18. Operating environment: 0 to 60 degrees Celsius
19. Storage temperature: -40 to 80 degrees Celsius
20. Use times: 45000 times
21. Waterproof rating: IP54
22. Handle material: ABS+TPU
23. Features: fast, sensitive, stable, portable, long-distance, long-lasting battery life, intelligent decoding, scannable screen, wireless scanning
24. Memory: 512K (accumulatively save 5000-10000 bar code information)
25. Code reading mode: CCD red light
26. Type of light source: LED (630nm)
27. Light source: 265Lux (130nm)
28. Weight: 0.36kg
29. Dimensions: 165x75x95mm
Certificate CE
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.50kgs / 1.11lb
Qty per Carton 60
Carton Weight 30.00kgs / 66.14lb
Carton Size 78cm * 39cm * 46cm / 30.71inch * 15.35inch * 18.11inch
Loading Container 20GP: 190 cartons * 60 pcs = 11400 pcs
40HQ: 442 cartons * 60 pcs = 26520 pcs

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