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1. Ample Storage Space: Main-belt pack for mobile phone models with screen sizes of 6.5 "and below. The compartment provides independent protection for your phones from screen scratches. Two side waterproof pockets can store cards, keys, watches, money and other small items.
2. Earphones Hole Design: With a special earbud hole in the belt, you can have a more pleasant and relaxed workout experience.
3. Different size: You can adjust the belt to your size. No more need to buy a different size as you adjust and lose weight. The clip fastener with strong and light elastic strap gives you that extra peace of mind the belt is secure. It is so lightweight, you will not notice that you have it on!
4. Secure fit: Extra stretchy extender band adjusts to fit your waist with the stretchy belt, ideal for both women and men. If it is in bad weather or running at night, the professional reflective strip on the waist bag and the equipped survival whistle will protect you.
5. Water-Resistant Material: High-quality waterproof material and breathable back pad provide full protection and total comfort, adapting to any weather condition.
6. Compatibility: Suitable for mobile phone models with screen sizes of 6.5 inch and below. Such as for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S10e, Google Pixel 4 XL, Huawei P30 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S10, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, Google Pixel 3 XL, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Moto G7 Power, and other android or IOS phones with screen sizes less than or equal to 6.5 inches.

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.16kgs / 0.36lb
Qty per Carton 100
Carton Weight 16.50kgs / 36.38lb
Carton Size 48cm * 42cm * 38cm / 18.9inch * 16.54inch * 14.96inch
Loading Container 20GP: 348 cartons * 100 pcs = 34800 pcs
40HQ: 808 cartons * 100 pcs = 80800 pcs

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