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Basic parameters:
1. Mouse size: ordinary mouse (100-120mm)
2. Connection with computer: wired
3. Photoelectric resolution: 7200 (dpi)
4. Number of keys: 7 (keys)
5. Interface: USB
6. Whether to support ergonomics: support
7. Adjustable resolution: seven gears and above
8. Working method: photoelectric
9. Wheel direction: four-way wheel
10. Features: gaming mouse, macro programming
11. Cable length: 1.75 (meters)
12. Product size: 128x78x37mm
13. Product weight: 0.169 (KG)
14. The conceptual clamshell tail wing design contains 5 metal counterweights. You can freely choose the weight of the counterweight according to your feel to achieve fine-tuning of the feel.
15. Hardcore experience brought by professional gaming IC. 200-7200DPI, to achieve full coverage of the use scene, whether it is a web office or an e-sports game, you can do everything!
16. The life span of the big-satisfying keys, even if you are a micromanager, with an APM of up to 200+, the G10 mouse can still do a good job, allowing you to accurately feedback every time you click

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.23kgs / 0.51lb
Qty per Carton 116
Carton Weight 26.10kgs / 57.54lb
Carton Size 50cm * 49cm * 34cm / 19.69inch * 19.29inch * 13.39inch
Loading Container 20GP: 320 cartons * 116 pcs = 37120 pcs
40HQ: 743 cartons * 116 pcs = 86188 pcs

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