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1. Product weight: 1.46kg with gimbal (the weight of gimbal is 0.42kg)
2. Tripod material: carbon fiber
3. Number of leg sections: 5 sections
4. Standard height: 510mm
5. Full opening height: 1495mm (including the height of the head 100mm)
6. PTZ type: Q-2 professional spherical PTZ
7. Foot tube diameter: 25mm for big tube, 13mm for small tube
8. Safety load: 15kg
9. Reflex height: 380mm
10. The height of the central axis without lifting: 1165mm (including the height of the head 100mm)
11. Packing list: packing box, tripod bag, tripod set, hexagon wrench, certificate, manual, pan/tilt storage bag.
12. Low-angle shooting: The three-stage design with open feet meets the requirements of different shooting angles, and multiple angles allow you to be creative.
13. The main body of the pan/tilt: The precise CAM manufacturing process is adopted, which effectively improves the stability and wear resistance.
14. Adjusting knob: adjusting knob, safe and fast, and feel delicate!
15. Level corrector: The level corrector on the pan-tilt is convenient to adjust the level when shooting
16. Safety insurance button: quick release plate safety insurance button, safe to use
17. Horizontal rotation locking knob: 360-degree panoramic rotation shooting, convenient and quick to use.
18. Vertical and horizontal corrector: The horizontal corrector on the pan-tilt is convenient to adjust the level when shooting.
19. When using a tripod for panoramic shooting, fix the position of the tripod and rotate the gimbal at a constant speed for shooting. Every two photos need to overlap by 20%-25%, so that the software can be easily stitched into a panoramic picture, even without a wide-angle lens, you can enjoy the wide-angle visual effect.
20. Powerful function, can be folded and stored, easy to carry; variable monopod, used as trekking pole; can be inverted, macro shooting.
21. Fast locking system: Just turn the knob 1/2 turn to complete the tightening of the foot lock. The knob is ergonomically designed, with a comfortable hand feel, high friction, and good anti-skid and anti-dropping effect.
22. Details of the bottom of the gimbal: the bottom of the gimbal is a general-purpose 3/8 inch standard screw hole, and the diameter of the gimbal base is 40m
23. Tripod removal: The detachable tripod tube can be used as trekking poles or as a monopod by rotating it to the left.

Package Weight
One Package Weight 2.11kgs / 4.66lb
Qty per Carton 4
Carton Weight 9.40kgs / 20.72lb
Carton Size 47cm * 32cm * 32cm / 18.5inch * 12.6inch * 12.6inch
Loading Container 20GP: 554 cartons * 4 pcs = 2216 pcs
40HQ: 1286 cartons * 4 pcs = 5144 pcs

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