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TK905 GPS Tracker 5000mAh 90 Days Standby 2G GSM Car Vehicle Tracking Device Waterproof Magnetic GPS Locator
This product is based on GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellite positioning system. It locates or monitors remote targets through messages, mobile APP or webpage. It is the most advanced GPS and AGPS dual positioning tracker with built-in 5000mAh large-capacity battery which support 90 days long standby. Free installation + strong magnetic make it a portable GPS locator.

Widely used in:
Car rental / small fleet management.
Outdoor sports positioning.
Child/the elder/the disabled/supervisory of valuables.
Personal safety.
Personnel management.
Tracking targeting.

– Real-time tracking: display the last location of the device, call the device to wake up the device, and the device automatically locates and updates to the latest location.
– Historical trajectory: Query the historical trajectory of the device in different time periods. (LBS base station data error is relatively large, you can choose whether to filter out)
– Electronic fence: Set the fence to send an alarm to the APP and platform when the device enters or exits the fence.
– Command delivery: Set the product parameter function of the device.
– Device Information: Edit device information.
– Device Message: Displays the alarm information generated by the device.
– Peripheral navigation: Navigate to surrounding public places.
– Alarm reminder: Set the APP push of the alarm information.
– Offline map: After downloading offline maps, APP buffers faster.

Size: 90mm x 72mm x 22mm/3.54 x 2.83 x 0.87\"
Weight: 168g
Network: GSM/GPRS
GPS sensitivity: -159dBm
GPS accuracy: 5m
Charging parameters: 110-220V input
                                             5V-1A output
Battery: Rechargeable 3.7V 5000 mAh Lithium battery
Standby time: 90 days
Boot time: Cold start 45s
                       Warm start 35s
                       Hot start 1s
Storage temperature: -40°C to +85°C
Operating temperature: -20°C to +55°C
Humidity: 5-95% non-condensing

Yellow light – always on, no connection to the GPRS network
Yellow light – flashing, GPRS network is normal
Blue light – always on, searching for GPS signal
Blue light – flashing, GPS signal is normal

Device startup:
After the device inserted with a SIM card automatically boots up,  the incidator lights up and the device starts working.
After 30 seconds of booting, activate GPRS according to the 4.0 settings.
The device automatically locates GPS when there is a GPS signal, and the device automatically locates via LBS when there is no GPS signal.
The device starts automatically when sensing vibration, and it will enter the power-saving sleep mode without vibrating for 5 minutes.
Unplug the SIM card device and it turns off automatically.

 1. For Android phone: scan QR code to select android download and install software to the phone, or search for \"TKSTAR GPS\" in the application store to install and install to the phone.
 2. For iPhone: scan QR code to select iPhone to install and install software to mobile phone, or search for \"TKSTAR GPS\" in the store to download and install to mobile phone.
  3. Select the lower right corner \"IMEI number login\"
  Platform address:
  IMEI number: IMEI number attached to the back cover of the device
  Password: Factory default 123456 (you can log in to the platform to change the password)

1. Only outdoor will have GPS signals when using GPS positioning.
2. Confirm that the mobile phone card has a balance, and there are calls, SMS, and GPRS Internet access.
3. Confirm that the caller ID has been activated and call forwarding is turned off.
4. Insert the GSM phone card correctly, do not disassemble the device.
5. Please charge it every 6 months if it is placed for a long time.
6. Under normal circumstances, please use the factory default \"standby mode\", the maximum power consumption in \"continuous positioning mode\" is generally not recommended.

Common troubleshooting methods:
1. Can\'t boot
Note: Please check if the device battery is powered and the card indicator will light.
2. Dial the device prompt to shut down or can not be connected
Note: Check if the SIM card is placed, whether the SIM card is a GSM network, the PIN code cannot be opened, and the call forwarding cannot be activated.
3. No GPS signal
Note: The device needs to be in an unobstructed position to ensure that GPS signals are received properly.
4. The login platform device cannot display the location.
Note: You need to send \"gprs123456\" to activate GPRS to determine if the card has GPRS access and cost.
5. Call not to reply to SMS or can not receive alarm SMS
Description: The setting center number is incorrect or the center number is not set.
6. The device is displayed online, but when the APP setting command is used, \"Device is offline and delivery fails\" is displayed.
Note: The device has entered the sleep state and needs to be shaken to wake up the device.

1. There may be slight size deviations due to manual measurement, different measuring methods and tools.
2. The picture may not reflect the actual color of the item because of different photographing light, angle and display monitor.

Package Content:
1 X GPS Tracker
1 X Cloth Bag
1 X USB Cable
1 X Card Slot Accessory

TK905 GPS Tracker 5000mAh 90 Days Standby 2G Car Vehicle Tracker Locator
TK905 GPS Tracker 5000mAh 90 Days Standby 2G Car Vehicle Tracker Locator
TK905 GPS Tracker 5000mAh 90 Days Standby 2G Car Vehicle Tracker Locator
TK905 GPS Tracker 5000mAh 90 Days Standby 2G Car Vehicle Tracker Locator
TK905 GPS Tracker 5000mAh 90 Days Standby 2G Car Vehicle Tracker Locator
TK905 GPS Tracker 5000mAh 90 Days Standby 2G Car Vehicle Tracker Locator

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