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1. Material: ABS+PP
2. Irradiation area: 3 square centimeters
3. Wavelength area: 600-900NM
4. Light emitting time: 0.7-1.5s
5. Energy gear: 5 gears adjustable
6. Number of shots: 990,000 times
7. Light emitting mode: automatic/manual light emitting
8. Rated voltage: 110V-240V
9. Input power: 36W
10. Adapter output: 12V-4.0A
11. The freezing point hair removal instrument adopts the principle of selective heat absorption, which produces a strong pulse with a specific broad spectrum to act on the skin tissue to produce light and heat, decompose the pigment particles, hemoglobin and other tissues in the skin, so that they can be absorbed by the body or fall off to the external fibers. And elastic fibers proliferate and rearrange, restore elasticity, enhance blood vessel tissue function, and improve circulation
12. Through the biological stimulation and heating effect of long-wavelength intense pulsed light on the dermal tissue, the deep collagen can be absorbed
13. The number of hairs irradiated with 990,000 times can effectively remove body hair on various parts of the body
14. 5 levels of adjustment, care for delicate skin
15. Delay hair growth without repetitive netting
16. High-definition LCD display, clear display of 990,000 flashes
17. Net weight: 260 grams
18. Dimensions: 165x72mm
Certificate CE
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.68kgs / 1.50lb
Qty per Carton 44
Carton Weight 30.00kgs / 66.14lb
Carton Size 81cm * 60cm * 20cm / 31.89inch * 23.62inch * 7.87inch
Loading Container 20GP: 274 cartons * 44 pcs = 12056 pcs
40HQ: 636 cartons * 44 pcs = 27984 pcs

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