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The magnetic sweeper is designed for
picking up screws, nails and metal shavings multi surface floors. It is
widely used in factory workshops, highways, airport runways, home lawns.
The Magnetic Sweeper can hold up to 30 lbs of metal while in operation.
Pickup metal shavings and other ferrous objects around the shop, job
sites, garages and more. This heavy duty sweeper can be used on
concrete, carpet and even grass surfaces. An adjustable spring-loaded
handle with a quick release discards all items picked up in the proper

1. Lift the quick-release handle to remove all attached particles at once
2. Large working surface clears the entire area more quickly and efficiently with less effort
Retrieve nails, screws and all ferrous metals objects up to 30 lbs, and
keep your tires and foot traffic safe from sharp metals
4. Adjustable height from 29" to 42" helps to avoid back bending and straining
5. Widely used in factory workshops, highways, airport runways, home lawns

1. Material: Aluminum Alloy & Iron Steel
2. Dimensions: (24.02 x 7.09 x 33.46)" / (61 x 18 x 85)cm (L x W x H)
3. Weight: 6kg / 13.23lbs
4. Capacity: 13.61kg / 30lbs
5. Color: White & Black
Use: Retrieve Nails, Iron Filings, Nuts and Other Sundries, Widely Used
in Factory Workshops, Highways, Airport Runways, Home Lawn
7. Operation Method: Lift The Quick-release Handle to Remove All Attached Particles at Once
8. Wide Size: 24" Extra Wide
9. Telescoping Handle: Adjustable Height from 29" to 42" Helps to Avoid Back Bending and Straining
10. Wheels Size: 7" Wheels, Roll Smoothly On Carpet, Grass, Concrete and Hardwood Floors
11. Brand: Oshion

Package Content:

Package Includes:
1 x Magnetic Rod
1 x Hand Pole
2 x Wheels
2 x Side Plates
8 x Screws
1 x Manual

Oshion 24\\
Oshion 24\\
Oshion 24\\
Oshion 24\\
Oshion 24\\
Oshion 24\\

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