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1. Specification: 28L (37 x 68CM), buoyancy 12KG; 35L (41 x 72CM), buoyancy 15KG
2. Inflated size: 28L (50 x 25 x 20 cm), 35L (55 x 28 x 22 cm)
3. Weight: about 600g / 740g
4. Fabric: 0.35mm 210T nylon paste PVC + 0.35mm PVC film
5. Waterproof rating: IPX6
6. The backpack is suitable for beach, camping, rafting and other waterproof purposes
7. The shoulder strap is switched to a waist belt, and full of air is a standard swimming float. The double airbags are safer. You can rest with the buoyancy of the float when you are tired. At the same time, it reminds passing people and ships to avoid.

Product accessories: 2.5CM wide waist belt (shoulder strap) x 2 (130cm length), air nozzles x 2 (lockable and fast inflatable air nozzles)

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.65kgs / 1.44lb
Qty per Carton 46
Carton Weight 30.00kgs / 66.14lb
Carton Size 90cm * 71cm * 22cm / 35.43inch * 27.95inch * 8.66inch
Loading Container 20GP: 189 cartons * 46 pcs = 8694 pcs
40HQ: 440 cartons * 46 pcs = 20240 pcs

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