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ABS E-Bike Charger Tester Digital Display Current Voltage Battery Capacity Detector Gauge
Monitor charging status in real time, easy to use, safe and secure.
LED color screen display, clear and intuitive, at a glance.

Main material: ABS
Colour: Black
Size: 95x50x30mm/3.74*1.97*1.18\"
Specifications: DC plug DC5-150V
Net weight: 70g (DC plug 5-150V)
Input current range: DC 0.01A~9.99A
Test power: 0-99999W
Test capacity: 0-99.999Ah
Maximum cumulative charging capacity: 100Ah
DC head size: 5.5mm outer diameter; universal for 2.1, 2.5mm inner diameter plug
1. The detector is connected between the charger and the battery of the electric vehicle, and monitors the electric vehicle charging current, voltage, power and capacity in real time.
2. It can be used to test whether the battery capacity has a false standard and the age of the battery. At the same time, it can also be used to check the quality of the charger.
About capacity:
Capacity accumulation: Accumulation of N charging capacity under constant power.
Capacity view:
1. Power on without any battery or equipment. The displayed capacity is the last cumulative capacity. The cumulative capacity has a power failure memory function.
2. After the power-on capacity is cleared, the displayed capacity is the cumulative capacity of the current N charges or discharges.
3. Can be viewed by switching buttons.
Clear capacity:
1. Automatic: When power is turned on and recharged after power off, the last cumulative capacity \"flashes twice\" is cleared to zero.
2. Manual: Long press the key to clear the accumulated capacity \"two flashes\".

For example:
For a new 48V battery, the voltage value is 43V when the power is used up, and the voltage is about 53V when fully charged (53V-43V = 10V). This 10V is the amount of power charged by the battery. The lower the power, the closer it is to 53V, which means that the more power, the percentage of 10V voltage and power, that is, the power decreases by about 10% for every 1V drop in voltage. \"Virtual power\" is not absolutely correct. The original electric meter of an electric vehicle also judges the battery capacity based on the voltage.

Charger detection function:
This product is suitable for electric vehicles to detect the charging status of the charger, such as charging voltage, current, pulses, whether it will automatically power off after being fully charged, and the quality of the charger. , You need to change the polarity before use), confirm the polarity before buying.

Detect whether the charger has pulse function:
1.During the charging process, if the current fluctuates greatly and has regularity, it means that there is a pulse function
2.Although there is a change, the change within 0.5A is a false pulse and has no effect.
3. There is no change, or the change is too small, and there is no regularity, it is the phenomenon of current instability, no pulse.
Check if the charger can automatically power off when the charger is full:
  1. Within 2-5 hours after the green light is on, there will generally be a small current of 0.3-0.5A to continue charging. This is a normal phenomenon. This is called floating charging or trickle charging.
  2.If there is still a small current charging after the green light is on for 5 hours or more, it means that the power cannot be automatically turned off, and the power must be manually disconnected.

Check if the charger is broken:
After connecting the battery, detector, charger, and power supply, if a current passes, the charger is good.If no current passes, the charger is broken.

1. DC5-100V meter is only suitable for batteries below 80V; DC5-150V meter is suitable for batteries below 120V: exceeding the range will damage the meter
2. During the charging process, the voltage / current changes accordingly, and the charging data is displayed in real time. The longer the charging time, the higher the voltage value.
3. This tester must be connected in series between the battery pack and Yun electrical appliances. It is a testing tool. It is not recommended to use the charger for a long time!
4. When the tester is separately connected to the battery pack of the electric vehicle: At this time, the tester displays the remaining battery voltage value.
5. When the detector is separately connected to the electric vehicle charger: At this time, the detector displays the charger output voltage value
6. When the tester is connected to the electric vehicle charger and battery pack: At this time, the tester displays the charging voltage, current, power, and cumulative capacity. You can press the button to switch the display mode
7. Connect the charger and battery pack. The positive and negative poles of the charger are reversed: the NG red light is on, which means that the polarity does not match, please unplug it immediately, otherwise the product may be burned if connected for a long time!
8. The wired section is the output terminal for connecting the battery.

After receiving the product:
1. After receiving the product, first confirm that the meter matches the charger: when not plugged into the battery holder, connect the charger to AC220V, and then plug the output of the charger to the input of the meter to confirm that the charger output voltage can be displayed normally .
2. Then confirm that the meter matches the battery interface: when not plugged in, connect the meter\'s output port to the battery holder to ensure that the meter can display the battery voltage normally.
3. If both of the above match, you can use it normally.

Package Content:
1 X E-Bike Charger Tester

E-bike Charger Tester Digital Display Current Voltage Detector Gauge (DC)
E-bike Charger Tester Digital Display Current Voltage Detector Gauge (DC)
E-bike Charger Tester Digital Display Current Voltage Detector Gauge (DC)
E-bike Charger Tester Digital Display Current Voltage Detector Gauge (DC)
E-bike Charger Tester Digital Display Current Voltage Detector Gauge (DC)
E-bike Charger Tester Digital Display Current Voltage Detector Gauge (DC)

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